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Sobre mí

I am a natural born clairvoyant and psychic medium, also born and initiated within Afro-Caribbean practice deriving from the Dominican Republic. I provide direct answers to questions about love, family, work, spirituality, and anything in between. I’ve worked openly with the public both in person and at a distance for about 10 years. My mission is to guide, uplift, and help those in need of not only answers but spiritual guidance all around. My abilities include: Clairvoyance (seeing beyond the physical allows me to connect and describe events, situations, and outcomes) Clairaudience (hearing messages and repeating them on the spot, this allows me to be quick when delivering answers) Clairaentience (I feel emotions of others as my own, this allows me to empathize and describe feelings clearly) Mediumship (the ability to connect directly with spirits, including my guides and loved ones that have passed, if there is a presence coming forward I can listen and repeat the messages being shared” As a psychic medium I don’t necessarily rely on tools, though I do have tarot and Oracle cards if ever needed or requested by the client. At your service, Love, light, and blessings, Anaisa


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Horóscopos Análisis de Sueños Lectura Espiritual Lecturas de Clarividencia Lectura Psíquica Lecturas Ocultistas Padres e Hijos Ruptura y Divorcio Cartas Lenormand Clarividencia Psíquicos Médiums Astrología y Horóscopos Engaños y Aventuras Cartas de Ángeles Asesoramiento Carrera Cartas Rider Waite Amor y Sexo Otras Cartas de Tarot Fenómenos Paranormales Asesoramiento Relaciones Canalización Asesoramiento de Familia Lectura de Ángeles Bola de Cristal Asesoramiento Citas Románticas




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