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Lyisa Taro reader
Lyisa Taro reader
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Lyisa Taro reader


Hello, I am a clairvoyant and tarot reader. I can help you solve any problem with kindness and respect. I am skilled at contacting with spiritual beings which let me guide you along the steps you need to follow to solve your problem the best way you can. I will show you how you can develop yourself to be the best you and fulfill your life with prosperity, happiness, love and peace. You can come to me with problems related to love, marriage, happiness, couples, social, economic or any other kind of issues and I will help you to find an answer. By using my abilities I can give you great support for any type of issue you may have. I can give you an answer based on my experience, wisdom and other resources. Remember I am here to help you whenever you need me just chat or call me and I will be guiding you along the path full of light.


I have had the opportunity to develop my gifts and clairvoyance and tarot skills for 22 years. I have great experience in spiritual topics, spiritual contact, runes, magical stones, tarot, crystal ball, birth chart reading, palm reading and clairvoyance. I had the great fortune of being born with an innate gift which helps me to see beyond all social, romantic, psychological people interactions. I have had experience in getting couple, marriage relationships back on track. I could always help people heal their emotional baggage and get happiness back in their relationships. I can also advise you on economic and psychological issues. You can count on me whenever you need me and I will always give you a helping hand. I can encourage you to pursue your dreams. Sharing with different cultures allowed me to learn how I can give the best advice to people and acquire knowledge on how to make people life a place full of happiness, prosperity and love. Nowadays I can also teach you how to handle inner skills to achieve a better life quality.




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