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Anastasiia Svit
Anastasiia Svit
Love & Relationships
Anastasiia Svit


Tarot reading in love, couple returns, marriage, betrayal, cohabitation also tarot reading for work, business, fortune, lot. Hello to all of you dear and dear! I Sensitive Daniel are here to help you, with my psychic gift and my innate ability, increased in time from the age of eighteen to now that I am fifty, to understand if there is a way to win back your beloved or your beloved, to understand if there is a way to regain a new balance in your marriage, in your cohabitation and to understand how it can be in the future your work situation, economic or even to examine how your luck will be in your life path. What are my experiences in the world of cartomancy? I'm Medium; The Medium is a person with particular psychic and psychic powers who have the ability to put the spirit world and that of men in touch. * I place myself between: 1) The "Auditives" Medium The members of this category differ from the others as they hear the voice of the entities. It can be perceived in two ways different from the medium. Sometimes as an inner voice as if it came from within the ear, other times it is as clear and distinct as the voice of a living being. 2) The "Seers" Mediums The mediums belonging to this category can see the entities during the waking state. For this reason, they retain an exact memory. 3) The Medium "From Presentations" This dowry can be in a more or less developed medium; it starts from a simple sensation until it glimpses part of future events, positive or negative. 4) Psychometrics (remote view): the ability to see events related to things and places. For over twenty years I have worked as a Cartomancer and Sensitive and I have had my successes and I hope to have more to be able to help others to overcome the difficulties of life. Call me for any problem, by phone or chat, they are always there to help you.


My experience in the world of cartomancy had its importance in contact with people. In the studio face to face with the client, between words and smiles but also traveling and knowing characters of power in the world of Clairvoyance. Since I was 28 years old, I also started collaborating with Italian professional and studio call center companies for telephone consultation with clients and psychic support in clairvoyance and personal coach. In the years 2006 2007 I had some television appearances as Psychic having a remarkable success. I have participated in many conferences on esoteric astrology and tarology.

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