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I am a specialist in topics of positive energies or white energies, I am recognized for knowing how to unite people and their true love, family betrayals, this gifts were inherited to me when I had five years old by my mother and my father, since I was a child I learnt to communicate with spirits and learnt about nature and how to heal people with it. My abilities let me see the past, present and future of each of people who come to me and in this way to help them to solve their difficulties in past lives and daily difficulties that do not let them be totally happy. Regarding to the future I can see how each one of my patients will be and how it can be solved if they have something that bothers them. My specialties are love, prediction, prophecies, development in positive energies, being able to find the true love of people and bring them happiness in the course of their life, in the same way I have practiced great meditation exercises, inner voice, yoga, and management of energy . I only focus on the positive forces of the universe in all aspects of my life, telling my patients the truth.


I have experience since i was younger, due to the teaching of my parents and my grandparents, and that all my abilities were inherited from the voice to the voice of my family by ancestral tradition, I am a spiritist since i was born and i use the communication with them to bring the most positive message to people, my values are completely positive, the truth is one of the most fundamental principles when i am attending to one of my clients, it is important for me the evolution of astral path since this It is something of my roots and it is one of my purposes being able to show and teach my knowledge, to read the tarot of the sun and the moon, the palms of the hands, I see the animal spirit of each one, the communication with ancestors, the interpretation of dreams, the narration of past lives, and guide your present and future, i want to give the best advice for everyone’s life. I have a broad path through the positive forces and the whole evolution of life and supernatural forces in this astral plane.

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Dec 9, 2021
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Dec 8, 2021
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respóndeme a lo último porfavor, porque él no tiene iniciativa porque espera que salga de mi ??
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