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I am a very spiritual man who in the search to understand the universe, I learned the ancient arts of consulting, healing and reconciliation, having the ability to guide people both in consultation and in learning. My service lies in the possibility of providing a way out of so much pain that people have in their hearts, due to the losses of their partners, men and women today cry, despair and suffer because of the attachment capacity they have. One with another. I have learned techniques of detachment for 20 years based on spirituality and spirit-spirit debts. I have worked on the philosophy of ALLAN KARDEC in astral studies, the topics covered in this philosophy are spiritual reconciliation, matter-matter, spirit-spirit, spirit matter, reconciling people whose difficulties lie in the spirits, not in their subject, and they bring them to this amplitude of existence and remain anchored without solving their problems. By means of reconciliations we activate the entrance door to a healing of the soul, since the soul is always ready to activate, energize and elevate. I have many students within this philosophy whose objective is to teach the techniques, and teach the knowledge from generation to generation of sentences taught by Allan Kardec, Benjamin Herrera and the teacher Ismael Triana, prayers and booklets that are passed from master to disciple. I work with natural means such as cleaning with plants and fruits, incense, and lots of prayer. My method of consultation is through the Tarot and where the advice given is very effective and productive generating confidence in the consultant to observe the resolution of their problems. I have knowledge in astrology where I can know by means of the planets, signs and houses, the personality of someone only with the date, time and place of birth and already in a deeper way the aspects that are made between them providing us with the events that Each person will live. Natural healing is the technique I use for healing, cleanings and energizations, using plants, and well-known fruits whose elementals are in the universe for us to act with them. In this way they enter through our pores and generate the necessary chemicals to cleanse us, activate us or attract us those emotions that we need to produce the reflection in daily life, be it love, money, health, commitment etc. Chromotherapy work, in this way also the colors influence the psyche of each person and their basic needs Each frequency of each color develops different emotions in each person, I can advise how to use them to calm their emotions.


I have 20 years experience in solving problems of people with love ailments, sadness, low moods and anxieties, all the negative issues that people live in their daily lives. Each person will always have a series of problems in their lives, whether it be economics or love (the main ones), and I have the knowledge to help them to solve with much prayer and with much tranquility. I will be able to give them tools to get out of their sorrows. I found in the techniques I have learned, a solution to many of the problems that afflict people, and I want to make them known and taught so that together we can discover and reach a better world, with the balance of each mind, thus generating a more harmonious world, with more gratitude and compassion. Through the auroral baths and prayers physical and emotional healings are made, with very beneficial results. In sentimental planes I make reconciliations, and if people are made to join, they will return and if not, they will say goodbye without problems or confusion, but instead with all the peace and tranquility that the spiritual life can bring for all. Through practices that the universe provides us, I achieve economic equilibrium, ancestral practices such as the spring or winter equinox, the spring and autumn solstice, as well as with each moon phase and zodiacal sign. In each station a strong is worked and in each lunar phase the same. They are techniques that nature itself provides us, as well as other interesting planetary moments to gather the existential energy, such as the feast of Saint John, the Beltane, the Nativity, the eclipses, etc. With astrology I find the characteristics of each person to be able to advise them on how to find their ways, their strengths and their weaknesses. I offer a quick astral chart that goes in the daily councils connected to your planets, what the stars say to you in the day, in this way to be able to orient and anticipate circumstance of any kind. In the tarot I easily find answers about what torments each one at the moment they need it, with these millenary techniques I can support myself to work in the complete spiritual development of each individual. I have worked with runes and natural magic that lead us to the magic of the human being and to know that we are not gods but we are children of him and we have the genetics of him. Only our faith goes towards the light because in some existence we lost it and now we walk towards it. Nature gives us signs in every way, both in our practical life and in the general part of life, I teach how to make your code of natural teachings, and the teachings of dreams among others.

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