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<p>Sally Omali</p>

Sobre mí

Since I was very little I have always been curious about what I do not understand and what I cannot see. I learned how to develop clairaudient skills from my grandmother. I can connect with your emotions and with your story if you give me real and complete data.

I have studied everything about the Marseilles Tarot, Egyptian Tarot and others. Also, Akashik record and Reiki records to complete my services.
I have been working to help people for more than 10 years, and I have more than 8k satisfied clients.

For clear answers, I need your name and date of birth and the name and DOB of the person you want to know.

Important! I don't do tarot readings about:

-Judicial issues
- Health, illness, death, pregnancy, sex of the baby
- Inheritances, lawsuits, lottery, gambling


I am Spanish and an expert in questions related to love, family and advice about work. I am an expert in magic rituals to attract love, fortune, prosperity, luck. I also use magic to cleanse energies and attract new job opportunities.


My speciality is the Tarot de Marseille.

I learned to connect with these cards since I was little. When I grew up, I went to various schools to improve my studies such as The International Tarot School, Marilo Casals School ...


I have worked for more than 10 years in consultations by chat, e-mail, telephone in different companies and countries. I am quick in my answers if you send me all the necessary information to ask the questions to the cards.


If you send me a photo I can see the energy that surrounds you and other people (if it is your partner, coworker or friend) to evaluate the whole query as a block.


I am a Professional Astrologer and I can make individual or couple compatibility charts and for that, I need the following information:


-Name or Full Names and DOB: DD / MM / YYYY

- City, State and Region

- Time of Birth in HH: MM format

- Gender

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eres maravillosa!!! la recomiendo 🥰
gracias ☺️
muchas gracias Sally
un encanto de lectura y persona
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