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My gifts and abilities? I am expert in clairvoyance, tarot, angels, pendulum. My motto is: First the truth, always. My mother and grandmother passed this special gift of clairvoyance on to me so I can help a lot of people and it really fulfills me. When I go to sleep I feel really good because I know this job is the best thing that ever happened to me. My rituals: Ritual for couples to reconnect and strengthen their relationship. Ritual to bring your ex or relationship back and strengthen union when love is requited. Ritual to protect relationship or your couple´s love when you have doubts. This ritual will help you to release negative energy and unite your relationship. Energy cleansing ritual: This will help you to release negative energy and negative thoughts that surround you to see a rosy future. Road opener spell to help you in love, work or emotional issues. Readings: ✋Palm Reading: can help you get your life back on track, thanks to palmistry, it will boost self-confidence. Candle reading: Thanks to this reading you can ask about your problems and achieve your goals. Candles help us to see things we can´t admit about ourselves. Cards Reading: This reading helps you to unravel our fears and insecurities and this way you can see a better present, past and future for you.


I have 21 years of experience working as a clairvoyant. Since I was a child my mother had been my teacher, she taught me everything. I feel really proud of being a clairvoyant and help people in need. True story: A girl comes to tell me she had adopted two kids because doctors told her she would never be pregnant. I told her she could be. I never saw her any more. After a long time she came back and told me she got pregnant and felt sorry because she had thought what I told her was a deceit.

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rous es una gran guia , siempre acierta y muy atenta
Extraordinaria, muy recomendable
genial 😉😉😉😉
excelente !!
Gracias rous!!
Siempre se me va el saldo. El problema de ser menos acaudalada jajajaj pero te agradezco un monton el ayudarme. Y si bien puedo tener el mismo don que ella, siento que es distinto porque se que podría utilizarlo para mi provecho y tener a quien quiera y como me plazca... Pero nunca me ha nacido el hacerlo.
❤️❤️❤️❤️ Gracias por todo.
Y tiempo al tiempo. Ya las heridas se han ido sanando y en gran parte es por tu guía ❤️
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