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Psíquico Daniel

Sobre mí

I have always tried to give my best in my readings to those who wish to consult with me. I have an experience for more than thirty years in the world of the paranormal and in Tarot reading. For many years I have been connected with my guiding spirit which has always given me the right information during a psychic or fortune telling reading. So with these skills I can help you to see beyond your problem and have the opportunity to rediscover your happiness in love, couple returns, work and career. In my path from eighteen years until now that I am fifty two I have had many experiences and teachings as psychic from seers, mediums and fortune tellers more experienced than me, through their teachings I have grown in knowledge and in being able to give the right advice to those who consult me ​​in a reading. My spirit is my mind that connects with the energies of the planet earth and the universe, for this reason I will always try to send my good energies around you to help you. When you need advice, help, I wait for you for a consultation. Together we will find the right answers and the right way to your success. I wait for you. Psychic Daniel


Traveling in my past I had the chance to get to know Psychics, Shamans and other powerful people from the world of oociety from which I could learn how to control, manage and increase my Psychic power. I had the opportunity to learn how to also interpret the Oracles, such as tarot cards and other types of divination cards. With the help of these psychics I could understand what lies beyond our dimension and come to see what can happen in the future. In my past I have been able to collaborate with many people in various studies of esotericism, clairvoyance, reading and divination of tarots and I have also had television experiences.

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