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Paulo Akasico

Sobre mí

Hello! I am a person who is here to help you from the heart and in the most sincere way. I use my clairvoyance as well as many techniques such as the pendulum, oracles, the interpretation of dreams, astrology, reading candles and photographs, I also read Akashic records, psychology and use coaching techniques, etc. The most important thing is that I am a person who tells you the truth with delicacy and sensitivity. Feel free to call me and improve your quality of life. I have the gift of connecting with your guides, your beings of light and family in the hereafter, so if you have something pending, now is the time for the elevation of souls and the passage towards the light. If everything has gone wrong in your life, you repeat the same experiences, for example with your partner, or in relation to your economy, it is now when you have the opportunity to help you with my road opener and the law of attraction because you can be happy, You deserve to be happy and your moment is here and now with me. Call me do not hesitate, here is the hand that helps you.


I am a psychic medium with which I contact your beings. I also use many types of Spanish deck tarots, Egyptian Tarot, Rider Tarot, Marseille Tarot and the gypsy tarot. I use higher dimensional and multi-universe techniques such as Akashic records, Arturic and Pleiadian contact channels. I have received initiations by the most Tibetan belonging to the diamond path (Pohwa, Tenrenzig, Taras, Puyas, Gnondro) I work with the knowledge of the occult and esoteric ancestral techniques such as astrology, mystical kabbala, candles and Wiccan. Dreams are very important and I interpret them for you, they are the dream dimension that allows you to access messages from the future as well as from your relatives and guides. I am a registered professional naturopath. I use Bach flowers, Trinity flowers, Amazon orchids. I perform very powerful healing techniques Tera Mai Pranic Healing Reconnection and reconnective healing, aromatherapy. Reiki helped me to channel the energies of the chakras and from there to balance and help many. I am a Karuna Ki Master, and Tibetan Usui Reiki, Unitary Reiki, Seichem Tera Mai master, Magnified Healing master. Trainer in the Vive method, a global system that helps you achieve everything you want and deserve in your life. Coaching and emotional intelligence, I do hypnosis to cope with anxiety, stop smoking, overcome phobias, and lose weight. NLP Coaching. I perform rituals with candles, talismans and personalized amulets, all from the heart, because I see the light that is in you. ️️️ I want to listen to you and help you;)

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Runas Cartas Kipper Lecturas de Clarividencia Amor & Relaciones Astrología Kármica Fenómenos Paranormales Numerología Horóscopos Lecturas Ocultistas Asesoramiento Citas Románticas Lectura de Mano Lectura Mental Lectores de Tarot Padres e Hijos Amor y Sexo Cartas Lenormand Lectura Espiritual Ruptura y Divorcio Lectura Psíquica Engaños y Aventuras Lectura Carta Natal Cartas Osho Zen Lectura de Ángeles Otras Cartas de Tarot Bola de Cristal Cartas Skat Karma y Vida Pasada Almas Gemelas Astrología y Horóscopos Clarividencia Cartas de Ángeles Canalización Asesoramiento Relaciones Análisis de Sueños Chamanes Psíquicos Médiums Escritura Automática Cartas Rider Waite Cartas Crowley Asesoramiento de Familia Hojas de té Asesoramiento Carrera


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