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Sobre mí

I have been studying oracles for over 8 years; I developed my skills with the Lenormand Deck with teachers who still accompany me today. I try to help the client to find the best way to solve their doubts, always emphasizing the importance of self-knowledge, which is the best way to develop our best features. I have more affinity with matters of the heart because of my spirituality. I am the daughter of Oshun, the orisha of love and wealth. Since I was very young I have been attracted to the studies of oracles, connecting to nature and understanding that we are all here to fulfill a common purpose. At 18 I started studying and practicing tarot. At 21 I started reading tarot cards for friends and relatives, and soon I was doing that for unknown people. My teachers still accompany me and we constantly exchange learnings. I keep myself updated on the oracles, and I believe that the experience in the service only enriches my intuition. Thanks to my guides and my spirituality, I was able to help many people to find better ways to live and solve their ills. Hope to help you too!


I have been working with the Lenormand Deck (Gypsy Deck) since I was 18 years old and I am constantly studying other oracles. Since I started my studies of mythological tarot and gypsy cards, I set out to help people through these oracles. I started reading cards for friends and family, then I started doing it online for strangers. Many people come to me to ask about relationships because they know my spirituality can helpthem to solve love issues. My mother Oshun, Orisha of love and wealth, gives me the chance to understand the anguished hearts and help them with the oracles wisely. I also studied astrology with famous Brazilian astrologers to understand the influence of the universe on our lives and our personality. So I use my knowledge to guide my actions in daily life, based on astrological positions and the weekly charts. With my experience, I try to help others find the best ways to solve their problems.

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Amor & Relaciones Padres e Hijos Cartas Lenormand Otras Cartas de Tarot Astrología y Horóscopos Lectores de Tarot Asesoramiento Citas Románticas Asesoramiento de Familia Amor y Sexo Asesoramiento Carrera Engaños y Aventuras Asesoramiento Relaciones Lectura Psíquica Cartas Rider Waite Ruptura y Divorcio


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