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My Moonlight
My Moonlight


I´m a channeler and I'll love to help you by channeling the messages the Angels have for you, considering your present life and current situation to be able to give you the best solution ever and different choices for you to consider. I can balance your chakras and do readings with angel cards which can tell you about the progress and current status of specific projects and situations, either you need to know about specific time ranges or general chronology of events. When I deliver messages you should always keep in mind that there is free will, therefore, the angels give you options so you can make the decision that you think is most appropriate and suitable for you, although in every path shown, there will always be a great chance of being one of the best choices for you.


I´m very experienced in online readings, and very lucky to have the chance of helping and counselling many people through channeling. I´ve also have done customized readings in person for the past 9 years in a private office. My mentor studied with Doreen Virtue and she has shared the knowledge acquired in a very complete and detailed and open way. While channeling I had experienced contacting loved ones, who are no longer here, that got in touch to deliver messages for the people that decided to hold a session. Sometimes the angels ask me to do some kind of specific practice to unblock , resolve, heal, forgive and release situations that are essential for that specific person to evolve in life in the most appropriate way, and thus, achieving personal goals and having a happy and healthy life, physical and spiritually.

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