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Melany Star

Sobre mí

I am a spiritual guide, a clairvoyant, and a tarot reader. I'm an expert in fertility, chakras balancing, relationships and love oracles. My clairvoyance has allowed me to develop as a professional psychic. I do spiritual works to open roads, my motto: "Your faith will be the key to success" Cleansings and sweetenings to attract love and prosperity to you. Release of negative energy such as damages, witchcraft, occultism, etc. I heal through meditation and the power of precious gems.


I work in the spiritual world since I have memory, helping many people to find the balance they need. Since an early age, I walked this path together with my mom hand in hand. Please, allow me to share a real case with you: A lady who could not have children came to me 7 years ago, she and her husband had problems to conceive, they had many hormonal problems. I used spiritual preparations and oracles and I managed to help her get pregnant. Today, they have a beautiful child.

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