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Love & Relationships


Magic and tarot are for me paths to reach a sacred realm. Since I was a young girl I learn from my grandmother how to use the Spanish deck and took with her the steps into the oldest magic that exists: kitchen magic. Later I fell in love with the Tarot, at the age of fifteen I learned to use it as a way that helped me in my spiritual life and in my own magical path. After going through the Fool's travel, I started using those teaching for other people. I found out that I could help others with my visions and insights channeled through the tarot cards. This pushed me to study psychology. I've always been very intuitive, I had lucid dreams and was aware of the symbology hidden in them. I have always been able to see through the veil of existence to communicate with the ones who passed away.  I am a pagan and devotee of the Greek Gods, especially Hekate and Athena, that is why Magic and Study are the pillars of my existence. I will guide you with my gifts as a light in the middle of the shadows.



I have read Tart and the Spanish deck all my life. I have been studying tarot and other methods for two decades and helping people with them. I am currently able to use more than 20 decks. I can read also Lenormand and Keppler oracles. I have explored and developed my psychic and clairvoyant skills and I am glad when I use my crystal ball or scrying. I can guide you in recognising the symbols in your dreams and showing you how your life can improve with magic and rituals. I am an empath, assertive and I take each case as unique as if it was a blessing for me. Being psyching and tarot reader is my real aim in life, to help others to improve their lives and also to learn myself and grow every time I help others.

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