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I am a specialist in issues related to love and relationships, I handle positive and totally pure energies therefore my readings will always be honest with you.I can help you on issues related to love, work, money and stability in general.I can predict your future and all that the universe brings to you through astrology and the oracle of the tarot cards. As a child I learned to use my clairvoyant and psychic abilities so therefore I can make a total energetic connection with you and in this way help you to answer your concerns with the greatest possible certainty. I am a person surrounded by positive energies and all the rituals that I can recommend to you so that you evolve in your life are totally positive and will fill you with a lot of spirituality. Dare to contact me and let's look together for a solution to your concerns, with the help of my spiritual guides and the stars, we will give a total balance and harmony to your life


I started Santeria at the age of 5, there my spiritualist and clairvoyant gift was born. Over the years I acquired knowledge in the use of the tarot, numerology, astrology, velomancy and tobacco reading. At the age of 7 I started to see and hear the spiritual guides who always have positive messages and advice for life, with the help of these spirits of light I can give you the best advice related to problems with your partner. When I turned 10 I started dreaming events that were later fulfilled, this also helped me analyze dreams from another perspective, therefore I can analyze your dreams and give you the messages that the universe has for you. I have knowledge about reading candles and reading energy through photos, I also know a whole world about positive and white rituals to achieve financial, work or love stability and in this way I will help you achieve the perfect balance and harmony in your life. In total there are more than 16 years of experience helping people to resolve their situations in front of any situation in life, mainly love situations.

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para responder que me digan q no volverán aún por el covid, algo obvio mientras preguntaba si volverá o no alguien??, respuesta obvia
Excelente lectura se los recomiendo mucho
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