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My service is based on being able to solve couple, love, personal and work issues. Through the tarot cards, kabbalah, astrology and numerology, I can guide you and clear away doubts about your questions. I learned family constellations to be able to deal with the problems we carry from birth, to know their origin and if they are hereditary family tree problems. Through family constellations I can also see what roles you fulfilled in your past lives and how you developed them. I can also see which problems you are overwhelmed with and how you can overcome them. Through the Kabbalah you can see the energy blocks of the person so that each problem can be dealt with in a spiritual way. By reading candles and tea leaves, I can see and help you with rituals to improve the channeling of energy, so I can improve the quality of a person life. Through astrology, I can study the situation the person is going through, what this month, week or year holds for him/her. Explain the different stages that will happen so you can take each event in the best possible way. The Marseilles cards along with numerology help people to find their purpose in life and how they can face it. By reading karma, I will be able to guide the client regarding his karma to guide the person to pay off his astral debts. By knowing how your karma works I will teach you how to improve it. Through rituals and meditations, I can guide the client to a better life quality for him/her as well as for his/her environment


I've been working online with groups of people. I have studied ontological coaching to have the necessary tools to discover and improve people's potential. I also advise people on issues of couple, work, family, personal and self-confidence, and use my tools to help them. I have given online talks on how to deal with grief over family losses and support people seeking advice on how to overcome spiritual and material losses, to deal with painful partner losses or job loss. I'm a teacher, so I also advise parents on how to deal with problems related to the behavior and education of school-age children. Through the Hoponopono technique, a child can be healed and develop good family relationships. I am always in constant training, studying new ways of being able to channel the energy of my consultant to be able to help him in everything and unlock it as much as possible. I have been able to channel with the saints of my family to be able to help me work much more with them and guide the consultants to a better future

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