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Sobre mí

I stand out for being a responsible, accurate and ethical tarot interpreter, taking the best advice to help solve the different situations that may arise at certain moments in life. I have also worked, as a seer, clairvoyant, numerologist, astrologer and Yoruba priest guiding many people. I use the different oracles of divination (dialogue, glass of water, tobacco, communication with the ancestors, Spanish letters, and letters of the arcana clairvoyance and clairvoyance through spiritual beings). I can guide you in the different areas of your life, thus managing to channel energies, clarifying doubts and helping your short and long-term situations to be resolved in a very effective way, reaching the spiritual, economic and emotional balance you need to be happy and achieve your balance, evolution and stability, always with sincere and concrete answers to help you achieve all your goals and dreams in your life and I am here for us to achieve through my spiritual gifts with great effort and dedication. It is never too late to achieve balance and happiness! 


I have more than 14 years in the mystical and esoteric world with great spiritual gifts inherited from my ancestors since I come from a family practicing different philosophies and religious beliefs, thus achieving a wide interpretation of different oracles, Tarot reading being my specialty. I am a santero son of Oya, I have the ability and experience to see beyond and to decipher in a clear, assertive and respectful way the energetic and spiritual means of communication. Thanks to my knowledge, studies and advice I have been able to unite couples, marriages, friendships. Thanks to my tarot and the way of working I can help you in work cases, money and personal studies. Relatives, always focusing on doing the maximum to achieve happiness as a couple and family, study and on a personal level, economic development and job stability. I can also help you to ward off enemies, do rituals to cleanse your aura, your energetic and spiritual part, rituals of love, evolution and prosperity so that you can develop yourself in this world from a different point of view, seeing situations from a clearer way. and other than that your paths are always open, blessed and prepared for all the good that. Universe has prepared for you.

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Excelente! Gracias por todo. Me has dado mucha paz😇🙏🏻🥰un abrazo 🤗
graciad nuevamente por todo hades, y ser tan honesto, no cabe duda que hablar contigo me da paz
Eres el mejor, que lindas vibras y que certero , honesto y sincero eres❤️✨🙏🏽 Gracias por todo hades un abrazo
es todo un amor
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