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Good afternoon! I offer short and long distance clairvoyance services. I use the crystal ball, tarot and dowsing to make predictions. I am an astrologer. I have a wide extrasensory perception which allows me to receive or get information from other people and get involved in their present and future past. I have a lot of contact with spiritual beings who give us their messages to arrange people´s lives. I have worked on Santería Yoruba for several years, following their advice and the Eguns´s. I am Obatala's son and I can see how each person evolves, how he comes out of his/her conflicts and has a better life quality. In this way, they can move forward on love and business. Economic development is a very critical component in our lives because everything is obtained through money, whether you agree with it or not. So, it is very important to teach them how to open and start their own business emphasizing the spiritual part and neurolinguistic development. As regards to Karmic ruptures we can spend a lot of time developing and living the same experience without knowing why, nor the reason for their repetitions. We work on breaking these models brought from previous lives connected with our childhood, and free people from these obsessive relationships and their own fears through the use of millenary techniques forming a circle of deep love in their hearts.


I have 10 years of experience treating patients with multiple problems, anxieties, heartache, disease, hauntings, aura cleansing, unblocking energy, physical and cleansing of physical and astral planes. I have experience driving away otherworldly beings, doing releasing rituals healings. I am a tarot card reader, I have extensive knowledge in managing different questions of love, money, spirituality, arcane messages for each patient focused on the individuality of each human being. I do love spells. If people allow me to do love spells at short or long distances I can help them to regain their ability to be with their beloved, either by witchcraft or astral separation techniques. I work on past life regression techniques to get to the roots of the problem, heal people from anxieties, depressions and, heartache. Also, I can solve family problems, anger and repetitive negative patterns both family and professional. I teach astrology guiding students to develop a mental openness about the influence of the stars on our psyche, and how they affect our behavior. I practice neuro linguistic programming (NLP) as we have a series of negative scheduled events ingrained in our subconscious mind so through this technique we turn to connect directly to the inner self that dwells in each of us changing this negative event and programming our mind for a healthier routine that gives us greater happiness and selflessness in our lives. I provide counseling services through crystal ball. I can experiment an internal communication with client. I give spiritual advice to the patient who needs healing.

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Raymon Delgado
disculpa se me termino el credito muchas gracias 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Raymon Delgado
Todo fue acertado muy contenta con mi lectura 👌
Me gustan tus lecturas, pero hoy creo que te me fuiste y se me fue el saldo 😢
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