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Sobre mí

I'm medium, clairvoyant, seer and tarotist. I'm psychic sense I was a child, talk with people who past other life. I'm a past life reader (not an akashic reader) and used just my clairvoyance. I have witchcraft hedge, Wicca and dark (magic) knowledge. I start in the Brazilian-African-American religion (Umbanda) sense 2017.
I have bio healing knowledge and family constellation.
All that I know, I learned only about myself.
Actually, I'm a professional psychic.

My services:

As a tarotist, I can offer possibilities of getting out any dude you have. I'm very empathetic and I feel what other people feel. I'm an energy reader too. And my cards are one of the best tools that I have and my best compliment.
As a psychic/clairvoyant, I can see all about people need, feel or what's going through. I see past, present and future. I can see if people have illnesses, witchcraft or any other difficulty. I can help with my magic knowledge, sense religion too black witchcraft.
As a past reader, I can see who they were in other life and what they need must heal in present for its evolution and being happy.
As a medium, I contact whit death people and bring messages from them to all family. Honestly, that's a beautiful experience and a very healing step to let it go.
I'm a very empathetic person, I glad to work as a psychic. This is my lifestyle and I try to do my best. I hope you enjoy yourself with me as I enjoy with all of you.


I'm psychic since was a child, maybe 5 years old, I told my mother who's going to win the football world cup. Was Germany against Argentina. We are from Argentina, so obviously we want the cup. But I said that Germany wins. Results: Germany wins. Haha. Ok, that's not very important, but the thing is that I'm psychic or clairvoyant as some people say. I work as an advisor since 2019, but I start before, in 2017 as an "independent" tarotist.
I contact whit death people, I speak with they like the most normal thing, but some people really scare that. I'm past lives reader maybe you should know as akashic register or reader. But I don't have any diploma or title. I use my clairvoyance only. Well, I'm a tarotist and I start a "career" in Religion. Umbanda. Afroamerican religion. I have knowledge of several rituals of prosperity, love, money, etc.
All I mentioned, I do everything with my abilities or gifts.  

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