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Sobre mí

I am medium since I was a child and 5 years ago I started with tarot readings, past lives and contact with people who have officialy died. I am a seer, a clairvoyant and seer of past lives. present past and future. I can help you on love, work and money issues. I have knowledge in traditional witchcraft, wicca and religion. I love helping people and therefore I am here to try to solve out issues and doubts and guide everyone.


As I grew older I collected information and acquired wide experience. I can see your present as well as your past, remote past and future, including what can happen in 30 years. I can contact with people who have died so you can listen to what they have to tell you. My tarot readings and oracles are very accurate and I will never tell you something that is not true.

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Amor & Relaciones Lectura Psíquica Cartas Rider Waite Lecturas Ocultistas Asesoramiento Carrera Engaños y Aventuras Karma y Vida Pasada Horóscopos Padres e Hijos Psíquicos Médiums Numerología Asesoramiento de Familia Lectura Mental Ruptura y Divorcio Escritura Automática Amor y Sexo Lecturas de Clarividencia Asesoramiento Relaciones Astrología y Horóscopos Asesoramiento Citas Románticas Almas Gemelas Fenómenos Paranormales




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