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Sobre mí

I am Esmeralda, an expert in solving sentimental, economic and health problems, since I am a girl I have contact with spiritual beings that guide us, this ability of medium helps us to have clean jobs and to find each solution of the conflict of each patient. I am a seer of birth and this great spiritual connection allows me, through the reading of the tarot or birth chart, to visualize the problems of each person and each group to work helping them in their evolution. I also work with the eguns doing spiritual masses giving very precise advice, at the level of the orishas, ​​I have crowned yemaya, I advise with this line by means of the snail having all the support of these spiritual entities and the counseling of each orisha. I have a mastery of Reiki I use very often in patients with depression, or women who have not been able to get pregnant with very good results This imposition of hands goes beyond the imposition, it reaches each person to achieve wonderful changes in their life, as well I also give self-healing workshops and reiki levels. I consult astrology for different people, with extensive knowledge in each radix of each individual showing them both their weaknesses and their achievements, in this way I give a detailed explanation of why we all act differently and why each person comes with their gifts and antidones, the why one is more just than another, or why even twins have different lives. I have extensive knowledge in astral and spiritual sciences, therefore I apply a science for each case. ashe


I have 30 years of experience in the spiritual field, both in counseling and teaching each one of these sciences. Psychosomatic therapies are energy management classes and how to focus on each patient, since each individual is a unique and unrepeatable universe, such as tawua therapies, elementals, natural magic for each case. In Tarot I have a 25 year history reading the Egyptian tarot, the taror raider, and 9 years with the tarot of the orishas, ​​giving advice to each person according to the meaning of each arcane, with a 99.9 of efficiency in the predictions, In Reiki I have been working for 22 years with an essential reiki master in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. I have worked with many people at the level of physical health and laying on of hands to achieve emotional and psychic health. I have vast experience in women who could not have pregnancies and got very good results. In Astrology, I have been an astrologer at the Ibero-American Center for Astrology in Bogotá for 15 years. I also translate radix of people who want to find more than a solution to a problem, a meeting with themselves, I also give seminars and workshops based on the spiritual search In Santería I crowned YEMAYA in Havana Cuba 9 years ago during this time reading caracol in ceremonies of both initiation and settlement of saint. I worked in spiritual masses as a channel for the reception of eguns of light and high spiritual entities, giving very efficient and effective messages on the problems of each person seeking the solution to their problem Similarly through the orishas each individual finds a more evolved life with love, wealth, health and spirituality, so in all this time the orishas have provided my life and that of my godchildren with an explanation of why each personal experience is painful or arriving at conclusions that what really matters is not the fact but the attitude of each individual about these facts. With regard to astral studies, I have belonged to groups of Allan Kardec and master Benjamin Herrera, acquiring knowledge about spiritualism, universal laws, karma and certain explanations of why to forgive debts. I have also done yoga studies, therapies of ekankar, quantum dreams, among others.

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