Sobre mí

Hello, I'm Erve. I have been always found myself helping people, guiding them on their way, and answering questions the best way possible. My service is very special and I always focus on helping people a lot. My readings are based on solving love, family, financial, work and personal issues. I like to create a bond with people to be able to find the origin of their problems, and explain to them the different stages of problem solving. I like to know why the person comes to me for help, to know how to make his/her life better for himself/herself as well as for everything that surrounds him/her.


I offer readings and advice to help people with the decision making process, so they can find a new perspective to solve problems related to love, sex, money, career, health and others issues.

Todas las Especializaciones

Padres e Hijos Astrología y Horóscopos Horóscopos Amor y Sexo Lectura Psíquica Astrología Kármica Asesoramiento de Familia Lectura de Mano Lectura Espiritual Lectura Mental Engaños y Aventuras Análisis de Sueños Asesoramiento Relaciones Amor & Relaciones Karma y Vida Pasada Ruptura y Divorcio Otras Cartas de Tarot Lectores de Tarot Asesoramiento Citas Románticas Almas Gemelas Asesoramiento Carrera




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