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(Spanish / English) From a very early age I found my way to the mission of my life: to help and guide people in their spiritual processes, giving them the tools and support to meet with themselves, and learn to forgive and forgive yourself from love, and give yourself the opportunity to connect with their infinite universal power that each one carries within their inner child. With the essence of a crystal child, I have come to help in the processes of spiritual transformation of my brothers, from self-love and connection with the inner child, with the help of mother earth, beings of light, elemental beings and the crystals. I have understood that my sensitivity and intuition to transform my life and that of others is my life purpose, represented in these words "Love is everything, and it is the only way to understand oneself, to learn and to respect oneself." from that moment, my life has been full of miracles from God, and every day the angels accompany me to be able to guide them and be for you a channel of these beings of light and help them to connect with the inner child. I want to help you find the answers to your life mission and accept the challenges of life. It is time to awaken that innate energy and I am to help you in that process.


During my childhood I was guided by God, Mother Earth, Beings of Light, Ascended Masters, Angels, Crystals and Fairies to work from the fifth essence or element. Accompanied by God, the archangels and Metatron, I understood that the strongest force that each one of us has, is LOVE, and I have committed myself to Service, to plant seeds of light and love in each one of you and give them strength. to follow their paths and help them remember and awaken their own energy. - Certification as a Fairyologist by Doreen Virtue, - Master level certification in Reiki by International Reiki Organization - Certification in Happiness Coach by Transformation Services, INC, - Certification in Mindfullness Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner by - The Scottish Academy of Nero-Linguistic Programming, Certification in - Hypnosis and in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) by The Scottish Strategic Life Academy.

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