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Sobre mí

I have 30 years experience in supporting couples in difficult situations and 17 years working as a psychic online. I am passionate about feeling the auras, the bio-energetic fields of people and being able to detect their emotions, blocks, afflictions, and feelings; through the rhythms and cycles that revolve around his life. I am a musician, that's why I work all that is harmonic energy. I have been a teacher for 47 years with knowledge in neurolinguistics focused on education, I have trained teachers especially in the area of preschool. Also to nurses, psychologists, childcare workers, sociologists, and people who are working for health. All this in what is the field of prenatal memories and prenatal therapy since I am a prenatal therapist. I can detect through the aura traumas lived in utero or at birth. I speak English and Spanish.


My experience as a reader is around 30 years. For me, it is very rewarding to be able to help people to understand each other in a more loving way and to establish healthy and lasting relationships. When I read, I not only help, but I also learn from my clients. And I encourage them to find the greatest love, which is theirs for themselves. I invite you to make changes in your lives so that you are more assertive in your decisions and in your career. My readings really go to the depths of being; from the moment they were conceived, the experiences they had in their intrauterine life and their experience at birth; in this way, they understand the four cornerstones of their emotional intelligence. Being a music teacher by profession for 47 years, I can also guide you regarding education. My experience as a psychic reader has been very beautiful.

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no responde! perdí mi dinero! una estafa
Lo lamento... Se me. Acabo el saldo a una charla tan interesante.. Gracias por tu consejo y veré la info q me dio. Gracias por todo
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se me acabo el crédito fue un gusto todo lo q me dijo es sierto. voy a volver muchas gracias bendiciones
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