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Sobre mí

Since I was a little girl I've had dreams where I can see events or scenarios that are going to happen a few months or years later. As I grew up, I started experiencing insights of my own past lives, with the help of extensive meditations and studies I took about spirituality, and after years of practising reiki. Thus, I've become a spiritual guide, and having the skill to visualize unknown people to me and feeling what they are feeling at that same moment. I hope I can help you solve out your problems and achieve your inner balance through my support and sound advice, hand in hand with my angels and Tarot of Marseilles. I will be happy to counsel you on couple problems, divorces, breakups, advice on love and health. I'll channel good energy to help solve any problem you may have. I can help with love moorings charms and I'll be pleased to guide you so that your loved one returns to you, and having love as a base always.


I have always worked in my personal office and remotely to coach and guide people in different aspects of their lives. No matter if they are encountering hindrances with their marriages, romances, cheating, births, projects, work, family or health issues.

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Lectura Espiritual Lectura de Ángeles Engaños y Aventuras Padres e Hijos Asesoramiento Carrera Asesoramiento de Familia Almas Gemelas Asesoramiento Relaciones Cartas de Ángeles Karma y Vida Pasada Asesoramiento Citas Románticas Ruptura y Divorcio


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