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Hi there! Bernie here. I'm an Intuitive Medium. 


I can answer specific questions for you. The best questions are those related to the present moment. As the potential to co-create your future reality is always here and now. 


 I am not your run-of-the-mill intuitive. I can also connect with the spirit world as a medium, providing evidence and messages from your loved ones in spirit.


My Guided Meditations will help you bring energy to any intention you wish to materialize. 


My readings are accurate, and my personality is calm and grounded. I'll be like chatting with an old friend. 


The focus isn't just about destiny, it is about what applying that destiny would look and feel like and how to enter it. As I explain at the beginning of a reading, intuition is not about what should happen, it is about what is possible for you and the potential around you, your full potential in this lifetime. The potential part is crucial, as many of us face obstacles or blocks that prevent us from moving towards all that is possible.


I can help you visualize these obstacles clearly. I use a combination of intuition and intelligence to delve into the dynamics of any situation and also what you can do to move forward in peace. I will be able to describe you and anyone you may be involved with, romantically or at work.


 I can’t wait to read for you, see you soon. 


My deep intuition has been my guide since I was a child. I have worked helping thousands of people in intuitive readings, answering questions that clients were often afraid to ask and providing truthful and necessary answers.

My approach is broad and always refers to the potential present in the current moment. I see it as taking a picture of your energy at the time of the reading and the potential it has according to what you want to achieve.

I also have experience channeling meditations and appreciation ramps that could give you that extra boost you need to manifest desire in all areas of this life experience.

For a Medium connection, I require the first name of the person of interest. I will provide characteristics, personality, memories, emotions, and messages that I channel from your loved ones in spirit. All my sessions are energy boosters on different levels.

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