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Aurora Alanna
Aurora Alanna
Psychic Reading
Aurora Alanna


I provide advice, guidance, mental healing, destiny and future predictions. There is no problem without a solution, and I can give you the answer you are looking for, even though I won't lie to you no matter what I see or feel, I'll tell you everything, positive or negative. I always focus on what is the best path you can choose or have.


I started learning astrology at 8 when I was so interested in my zodiac sign and trying to learn how to understand other people's behavior. I've always had premonitory dreams and also I am able to dream about you if my spiritual guides have something important for you to know. I'm a professional psychologist so I use this knowledge to help and guide you through rough paths. My grandmother is my guide and thanks to her I know how to channel my energy so I can help others. I've been in the tarot world since 16. I always keep learning and developing my abilities.

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