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Sobre mí

I am a dreaming soul. My mission is to help every soul imprisoned in pain, mainly those who run into couple issues. I have deep studies in tarot and alternative medicine, I use white magic and I am a santeria priestess. I was crowned yemaya and I am a yemaya obbatala. I also offer cowrie shell divination. I offer my knowledge to people in need. Part of my mission is to bring joy back into their lives and free themselves from sadness. When people sometimes act on a whim I give advice to them on how to leave these events in the past and focus on love and joy. When I see a solution to people’s problems, I teach them how to tackle these situations with simple preparations and easy-to-get ingredients from their home or city. I work in yoga to balance mind, raise kundalini energy and keep in touch with the highest forms of spirituality. So I can connect with people remotely and advise them by asking their DOB and name. I keep my mind active by learning from each patient and teaching him from my own experience. I worked on ancestral wisdom offering beautiful and positive advice looking for a universal balance and ascension of the soul towards the light, as well as a detachment of material things that currently weigh so much in the big cities. I take care of the environment and the ecosystems, for that reason I also advise people to make the spiritual preparations from very simple and natural materials which come from nature. I believe in spirituality, in a creator, independent of the names he has in each religion and philosophy, in etymological terms, the meaning is the same thing. I believe in the elementals and rituals among them, I lived with them and believe in the mercy of the ancestors who guide us and always want the best for each one of us. If we could just listen to them we would not have to go through much suffering. My mission is to teach people with love. Every time ancestors speak to us in different ways, we should pay careful attention to their signs. In conclusion, I am just a messenger of spiritual beings that bring love messages and care about better human welfare, I am spiritual and I am always eager to learn something new everyday.


I have had experience for 15 years on issues of love and how to get back the beloved. I am on a spiritual journey to help people who suffer for love. I had my own experience and I know how painful it can be to go through a love breakup or betrayal. For that reason, I am here today to help anyone who needs my services full of love and spirituality. They are very effective and based on practical magic. Any person can practice them from their own home and solve their own problems in a short time. They just need a few materials and complete faith in God or spirituality. My mission is to help those souls thirsty for divine love, and loners who have done everything for their partners to accept them with white magic and great faith. I have great contact with angels and entities of lights who offer guidance through my clairvoyance powers to help patients who suffer for love afflictions. I also work on healing diseases or relieving some ailment in the physical plane according to the astral healing method. With regard to economic issues, I can release those dense energies that cause a blockage in economic progress. Since I was a child I was very fond of spiritual matters. I showed them according to Yoruba philosophy where the Orishas have directed my life towards excellence in all life aspects such as family relationships, love, money, health, evolution. In this way, I can advise them with great clarity on the issue they were coping with and find a quick solution by making them gaining a positive thinking and releasing negative thoughts. I have over 10 year experience as a tarot teacher working from spiritual, mental and material levels, instilling in every student those tendencies. I use the raider tarot that offers me guidance on all aspects of life. I am always eager to learn, I am open-minded about what life holds for me. I will learn with love and transmit it to each person who comes to me for learning and experience.

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