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Angela Viviana

Sobre mí

I work as a tarot reader and spiritist doing Rider Wate Tarot and tobacco readings, also rituals to find a solution to your problems, thus energy flow and allow the universe to give you everything you deserve. I can advise you to find harmony in love and loveless relationships also to overcome couple and interpersonal relationships problems. I am a santera and through my spiritual guides I give advice to advance in this way of life. I perform guided meditations to organize the mind and find the energy balance of our body. I prepare the energy by means of natural plants to perform cleanings and spiritual baths which attract the positive and beautiful energies that life has prepared for us. We only have to learn to unleash our energy


I have 15 years of experience as a psychic. I read Tarot daily. I have advised people on romantic relationships. I try to help achieve that inner peace that we long to find especially in the most disappointing moments in life. I have experienced loveless relationships and for that reason I have all the certainty of being able to help, advise and give a guide to all those who are going through this situation. I provide spiritual guidance through meditation, balance and cleansing of energy and aura. I work with my spiritual guides, they give me all the advice to face different life situations. I read tobacco and do rituals to solve tests that life gives you. I have five year experience as a santera.

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