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Andrés Vidente

Sobre mí

I welcome you to my profile. I specialize in the Marseille tarot and Osho Zen, I am also an active practitioner of the Yoruba Afro-Cuban philosophy under the cult of the Orisha Shango (Yoruba god of happiness and joy of living), tarot reader, medium, seer and spiritist. I come from a fully practicing family and believers of different religions and philosophies, since my birth I have been surrounded by rituals, initiations and a lot of spirituality which led me to awaken that sixth sense and to be able to do readings with different divination oracles, standing out in the tarot of Marseille and Osho Zen, also in the diloggun, Spanish cards, rider waite, tobacco, etc. I am a seer and spiritist, using Allan Kardec's methodology, I learned to have a better connection with spirits and light guides that always give people their most beautiful messages helping them to see light and happiness in their lives.


I have more than 17 years of experience as a tarot reader and astrologer doing effective and accurate readings with great responsibility, and more than 20 years in the esoteric and spiritual world helping with love rituals to return that loved one, unite and bring love within marriage by distancing people who may affect our happiness and peace, as a spiritist I connect with beings of light giving you the best advice on love, abundance and success. I carry out physical and astral cleansing, managing to get those people who need it out of the dark. With my gifts, experience and the help of your strength and faith we can make your life much happier, full of love, prosperity and happiness!!

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the best
Genio total!
agradecido aumentó mi confianza 🙏
Un genio! Me ayuda muchísimo
excelente atención, amable y muy asertivo en las respuestas
muy certero Andrés 100% recomendado
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