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Sobre mí

Since I was very young I have been attracted to the magical, the mystical and have always been in close contact with mentors and literature that have guided me into the spiritual path, I practice meditation on a daily basis to improve my life, my environment, my relatives, my friends and all the people who seek for me for help and advice. I use mainly the Tarot and Shamanic Journeying because they were of help to me in a moment when I was very ill and felt like I've hit rock bottom. Due to my past struggles I want to help people with similar issues because I understand what you are going through and it's truly an honor to use my abilities to help you find love, that dreamed job or anything else you may need in order to have the best life possible.


I´ve been reading the Tarot since I was an 8 year old kid, I first started giving readings to relatives and close friends, the messages and readings were clearer and more profound each time I did the readings so I have never stopped since then. I'm also a specialist on paranormal and esoteric topics, learning from books, colleagues and my own experiences so feel free to contact me if your issues are related to the paranormal, we will find a solution. In my city I work with people interested in contacting their Spiritual Guides through Shamanic Journeying to receive their messages and guidance so that they can reach their romantic and financial goals.

Todas las Especializaciones

Fenómenos Paranormales Lectura Mental Almas Gemelas Asesoramiento Relaciones Lectura Psíquica Lecturas de Clarividencia Lectura de Ángeles Asesoramiento Carrera Lecturas Ocultistas Lectores de Tarot Lectura Espiritual Bola de Cristal Asesoramiento de Familia Engaños y Aventuras Asesoramiento Citas Románticas Padres e Hijos Psíquicos Médiums Amor y Sexo Cartas Rider Waite Chamanes Clarividencia Amor & Relaciones Ruptura y Divorcio Lectura de Mano


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José Manuel González Hernández
bendiciones 💖💖 🤗 muchas gracias por tu ayuda.
muchas gracias por tu ayuda!
Un hombre con un maravilloso don que ayuda mucho! gracias!!
muy útil, gracias!
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